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What are group tastings?

Group tastings are privately lead, themed tastings for groups up to 8. They are a fantastic way to celebrate an occasion, or just have fun with a group of friends.

Private Group Tasting

Private Group Tasting

Private Group Tasting

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This is a flat fee for a group of 8 or less people.

We'll taste through 5 wines - 3oz pours of each, and provide you with guided materials depending on the topic you choose. We'll give you tidbits on the producers and wines along the way.

Choose from topics like: Natural Wine 101, Orange Wine 101, Pet Nat & Other Bubbles, "Let's Get Weird", or work with us to craft your own theme based on a style, producer, or region!

Natural Wine 101

Taste a spread of natural wines, and learn about what make natural wine "natural", why we should care, and what to look for.

Orange Wine 101

We'll talk about what makes Orange wine what it is, and taste a spread of examples from around the world that represent different styles.

pet nat & other natty bubbles

All things bubbles. We'll look at what makes natural wine bubble, and taste pet nats, method ancestral, and other classic bubbly styles.

let's get weird

This one's for the adventurous. We'll get in the weird, funky, and flavor conundrum driven wines from across the natural wine world.

Wine Palette Boot Camp

We'll conduct some of the same tasting exercises we use to train our staff how to be better tasters and to be able to identify more things in wine.

Custom tasting theme

We'll work with you to craft a tasting to your liking. Want to taste all chillable reds? We got you. How about a line up of wines from Alsace? No problem. Let us know what your wants and interests are, and we'll make it happen.